ab craven interiors is an interior design company specialising in luxury kitchens.  Established by Andrew Craven with the aim of offering an alternative to the big brand showrooms, we aspire to go beyond the mere supply of furniture to deliver a complete design service that will help you to achieve your vision of your perfect space.  We passionately believe that design has the power to make life work better when harnessed properly and as such each project is guided by the key design concepts of form, function and beauty in order to achieve an ideal solution for your needs. And by eliminating many of the additional costs associated with the best known brands (large marketing budgets, expensive city centre showrooms etc…) we are able to deliver all this at far better value to you.  By choosing ab craven design you can be confident that not only will your new kitchen, bedroom or living space be beautiful, but it will be beautifully realised too, making it the perfect complement to your home and lifestyle.


Regardless of the size, budget or aesthetic of your project, we follow the same approach based on these three core principles: 


Product Quality

It goes without saying that the quality of the furniture is key to the final outcome of any kitchen or interiors project. We use only the finest contemporary furniture produced by our highly skilled Italian manufacturing partners in order to offer you the best quality, choice and value.  Whatever your vision for your space we have the supplier to realise it.

Exceptional Design

Even with the best quality furniture it is still possible to get things wrong through poor design and layout. Drawing on a background in product design and over 12 years experience we ensure that every detail is rigorously thought through during the design stage, guaranteeing we achieve the perfect design for you, both aesthetically and practically.

Client Centred Service

It’s our job to translate your ideas into your dream space, so we put you at the centre of our process. By getting to know you, your tastes and needs for your space we develop plans tailored precisely to your lifestyle.   And of course we’re always happy to work together with your architect or other design professional in order to achieve the best possible result.

Our Process

Refurbishing your home, whether it’s new or you’ve been living there for years, is one of the most involved buying decisions that you will ever make. And that is particularly true when it includes a new kitchen or fitted furniture. We’re here to ensure that it doesn’t also become one of your most stressful decisions! So whether you have done lots of research already or need more of a helping hand, we will guide you through each step of the process and hopefully make it an enjoyable experience too.

Design Brief

The first step is an initial discussion of your needs so that we can begin to develop your brief with you.  Together we will discuss your needs and requirements whilst going through our product ranges in detail, showing you brochures, material samples and giving you all the options and possibilities that are available.  At this point we will also take a detailed site survey, so that we have all the information to start designing your perfect kitchen, bedroom or living space.  Whilst it is usually preferable for the first consultation to be conducted in your home in order to get a feel for the space and its possibilities; we realise this isn’t always possible so we are more than happy to work from architect’s drawings if you have them.

Design Development

Taking into account everything that we have discussed during the consultation we will develop an initial detailed design scheme in which we aim to maximise aesthetics, functionality and of course value.  We then produce a full quotation with product & material specifications, design plans and realistic computer generated 3D visualisations, which will give you a real feel for your new space.  In many cases this is the first time you will get a real idea of what the space will be like, especially if there is major structural work being undertaken.  Although we try to be perfect first time, we know that this isn’t always possible, so where necessary we will continue to work with you to refine the design until it is just right.


Once you are happy with the design and specification and are happy to proceed, we will ask you to sign a confirmation of your order and to make a deposit.  At this point we will place the order with the manufacturer and advise you of the estimated delivery date, usually 6-9 weeks from confirmed order date (depending on materials, your building schedule etc…).

Project Management & Installation

Once we have taken your order and deposit, we then provide a full project management and installation service.  This includes scheduling the delivery, liaising with your builder/contractor, including all necessary site meetings, and organising every aspect of installation.  We will produce detailed working drawings, including any electrical and plumbing plans, so that everyone knows what to expect and what their responsibilities are so the project can be completed as efficiently as possible.  Our professional installers will then install your furniture, which for a kitchen installation will normally take between one and two weeks with bedrooms and living furniture taking considerably less.

Post Installation

After installation has been completed we know that you’ll be itching to get to grips with your new space and of course we hope that you will enjoy it every bit as much as you imagined.  We want you to be totally satisfied, so if you have any further queries or need our help to make the most of your new furniture then we’re only a phone call or email away…we do, however, draw the line at washing the dishes!


Please find a selection of our past projects below.

If you see anything that you particularly like then please get in touch and let us know and we will do our best to incorporate it into your project.


We have partnered with a selection of the finest international furniture manufacturers in order to offer you the best quality, choice and value. 

Please click through below for more information on Enne, Miton & Binova.



If you would like to talk to us about an upcoming project or would like a general chat whilst you are still at the ideas stage, we would be delighted to talk to you and to send you our latest brochures.  We work throughout the UK and abroad, in addition to London, so please contact us using the details or form below and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.


Phone:     +44(0)207 7199333

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Phone:    +44(0)207 7199333

Mobile:   +44(0)7899908433


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